Welcome to the Heights Elementary School

Interactive Whiteboard Training Site

Instructor, Maddy Shapiro

We are all very excited about receiving Promethean Interactive Whiteboards for our classrooms. The training for their use will consist of several face-to-face sessions and opportunities to use this wikispace as a learning tool. This wikispace is a public, protected space, so you must request membership to edit the content. Follow the steps listed below to gain membership in the wiki.

1. Go to Wikispaces and create an account.

2. Once you have a Wikispaces account, return to this wiki.

3. If you are not signed into wikispaces (look in the upper right- you should see Sign in), sign in.

4. Request membership in this wiki by clicking on the link located in the upper left hand side of this page called "Join this wiki".

5. Once I approve your membership, you will be allowed to add pages and content to any page on the wiki, except for this home page.

What's on the Heights IWB Wikispace?

  • I will post any assignments that I want you to complete outside of class in the Assignments area.
  • There is a section with Resources and Tutorials to assist with your learning.
  • We will use this wikispace as a place to share lessons/flipcharts that we create. I have made pages for each grade level (see the navigation bar on the left) so that you can add your contributions there. I have already added some of the flipchart lessons that you have seen me deliver in the lab.
  • A Websites as Lessons page contains links to interactive websites that fit well with our curriculum. Add them as you find them to grow our pool of resources.
  • We will also use this wikispace to support one another at the How Tos page. Here you may post questions to the discussion area for anyone in the wiki to answer. I will monitor the discussion area, so I will be automatically notified when someone leaves a comment. I hope you will also post any tips that you may have discovered and share successful experiences as well.
  • I will be developing a series of challenges for you! These challenges will provide a way for you to learn more advanced skills.
  • The wikispace is your space! It will be constantly changing- add to it often!

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