Resources and Tutorials

Promethean Planet

Create an account at Promethean Planet. Promethean Planet is your gateway to lesson plans created by other teachers and organized by subject, grade level and even state standards. There are also resource packages of extra backgrounds and images to download. Click below for a direct link to the site.


Online Tutorials at Promethean

Create an account at the Promethean Planet. Register for the free Introduction to Activinspire Studio Course. The tutorials walk you through the basics in ActivInspire. The tutorials are very short. You can stop at any point, and your progress will be saved. Please complete the tutorials and take the online assessment. You must score 100% in order to move ahead. During our face-to-face meetings we will review and practice skills introduced in the tutorials. Click on the image below to go to the site.


Tips and Tricks

Activtips is a series of short videos with great tips on how to master more tools than those provided in the fundamental training course. There is a list of videos on the right which have great tips. You can even download the tips to iTunes to view on your iPod or computer. Click on the image below to take you to the Activtips page at Promethean Planet.


UTube Videos from PrometheanUKWeb Channel

There are videos showing lessons and teachers talking about whiteboard use here.

Download Activinspire Software

Promethean Activinspire User Manuals