Create a flipchart for a lesson that uses the tools learned in Session 1 and 2. It can be as short as one page. Upload the flipchart to the appropriate grade level.

To upload a flipchart:

  1. Use the navigation bar to get to the page on which you want to place your flipchart, ie Grade 2 Lessons.
  2. Click the edit page icon.
  3. Click in the cell labeled Flipcharts.
  4. Click the File icon on the Editor bar.
  5. Click on Upload File.
  6. Navigate to the file in your documents folder and select it.
  7. Once you have selected the file, it appears as a thumbnail in the empty box to the left.
  8. Where it says Click to embed, use the arrows and pull down to Link to file.
  9. The file name should appear in the Flipchart section of the table with a hyperlink to the actual uploaded file.